The Denver Jr’s just returned from the Jet Stream pool after a great swim day!  Everyone started at the Stapleton Green this morning, with a few games of ‘All My Friends’; it was really exciting getting to know all the things we have in common with each other!

At 10:45 the Juniors boarded the bus for the pool – unfortunately, there was a pool malfunction that delayed everyones entrance – while everyone was a little upset, campers filled the time playing on the play ground, painting pine cones, singing songs, and looking for bugs!  It was awesome to see the great attitudes and smiling faces, despite having to wait to swim – everyone was so patient!

After a refreshing swim, the Jr’s are back at Base Camp reading the “The Lazy Caterpillar”, having some snack, and singing some songs to end the day!

Tomorrow, the Jr’s head to Morrison Nature for a guided dinosaur hike!  We’ll also play with our friends, sing songs, and play games one last time before our week together comes to an end.

A bunch of new photos have been uploaded, and more to come tonight and tomorrow!


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