After two fun but hot days at Barr Lake, the Denver Explorers escaped the heat and enjoyed the cooler weather at Wondervu today. To begin the day, we sang a song and played a rousing round of Ship Island. Cabin groups spent the day hiking around Camp Wondervu and building forts on Thunder Ridge. We also had our first GORP mixing day of the summer when we tested out two of the cabin group’s GORP choices.

During the day, groups went fishing, climbing on Wally, and climbing on real rock climbing routes! We caught a few fish, and climbed hard on both Wally and our rock climbing site. Unfortunately, the thunder moved in before all of the campers got to climb, but they understood that safety was more important. Even though they didn’t have the chance to climb, they had GREAT attitudes! We ate snacks and sang a few songs before heading back to base camp. We’re looking forward to pool day tomorrow!

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