It was our last day of session one at camp today! We started with our favorite camp songs- “Bazooka Bubblegum”, “Baby Bumblebee” and “Da Moose.” We split right into our cabin groups to do our last activities of owl pellets, marbleized paper and journals. All the groups practiced for their skits before lunch and after lunch. The whole camp walked down to the amphitheater and performed! The skits were awesome! Make sure to check out the photos, as the costumes were superb. After skits we did our closing ceremony and had snack. We found an old time capsule from the days back in Eldorado Canyon that we are pretty sure Shock-Tee left for us. After sharing stories about Shock-Tee we packed up the bus and began our trip back to Boulder. We had an amazing session with so many memories of our great time at AO Camp! We hope that everyone has a great summer and that they return next summer!

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