We had an awesome first day at camp today! We started the day driving up Coal Creek Canyon to Camp Wondervu! All the campers circled up for songs– “Tarzan” and “Baby Bumblebee” and then we played a game of Ship-Island! After the groups met with their counselors for a good ole’ sunblock party, we went over some of our rules at camp, making sure all the campers and counselors know how to stay safe and have fun at camp! The different cabin groups played some name games and got to know one another and to figure out what their collective cabin group would be called. The groups came up with some great names- The Eight Monkey Musketeers, The Sarcastic Cheesy Llamas, The Adventurous Animals and The Epic Cutie Irish Spyros of Woodland Park! Each camper decorated their own water bottle to make sure we stay hydrated. After lunch some groups played games, like wax museum and “Owl” while others went up to Thunder Ridge. We circled up for a snack of GORP and sang “On Top of Spaghetti” before heading back to Boulder on the bus! We had a great fist day today are so excited for tomorrow!

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