Today was a fantastic day for the AO Explorers at Barr Lake! Since there are fewer Juniors at camp this week, the Explorers got to spend extra time practicing archery. Campers have improved so much since last week that some got to use heavier bows and sharper arrows. A few campers even got bullseyes today!

The strong winds were both good and bad for the campers today. Although it made archery a little harder, it challenged the campers’ aim. The cool breeze also saved us from the scorching heat and made for perfect kite weather! Some groups took advantage of the cooler weather to hike out to the gazebo, where they saw lots of birds and other wildlife.

Both Carrie’s and Jalyn’s cabin groups got to mix their GORP today and share their delicious recipes with the rest of the campers at the end of the day. Tomorrow we’re headed to the National Wildlife Refuge for some more hiking and fishing.

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