We saw a buck on our way out of the Refuge today!

Two groups went on a hike to Find the Counselor. They ate lunch near Lake Ladora and enjoyed some time playing near the shore. They even saw a crawdad in the water!

We all sang a ton of songs today, including Tarzan and On Top of Spaghetti. Our all-camp game was Ship/Island– see if they remember how to “swab the deck!”

Back at Base Camp, we finished our story about storms and talked about how lightning chooses where it will strike. Each group did a different activity this afternoon- some made personal “squishies,” one group made sponge bugs, and one finished up their cabin code.

After snacking on gorp, we played “Who’s Missing?” Everyone is getting good at knowing other campers’ names! Tomorrow, we head to Wondervu, so be sure to pack an extra layer!

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