What a fun Pool Day! The Denver Juniors started out at the Green singing The Princess Pat and Little Spaceship in the Sky. Then we played Dead Ant Tag before we went through Lydia and Lindsey’s Wild Weather Obstacle Course- we ran through a rainbow, threw hail into tornadoes, hopped through the tornadoes, and skated across ice– all while cooling rain showers sprayed on us!

We stayed cool with the help of spray bottles and drinking tons of water before heading over to the pool. We had tons of fun in the pool, playing with each other and chasing the counselors. We put on sunscreen to help protect our skin.

Back at Base Camp, we cooled off while listening to a legend about Why Wind is Good and stayed inside for our activity. What a treat when Tom came and played his guitar with us for songs!

Please bring water shoes tomorrow- we have plans for creek stomping!

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