We had a wonderful day at Wondervu today! The weather started out great and we were able to start the groups fishing right away! The other groups did their planned activities and team building exercises while we took turns fishing. The groups built a structure using Toobeez and another group told the story of Shock-T. We will look for signs of Shock-T on our group hike scheduled for next week! We did not catch anything fishing, and unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to get Jim’s cabin group to fish! Instead, we played some all camp games to keep us warm while it rained a little here and there. The campers had a great time nonetheless. There was a group game of Wax Museum and the campers helped to mix the GORP for snack! After snack, we had some time before the bus came so we played a game of, “Honey, I love you”– it was very hard to keep a straight face! Tomorrow we will be back at Wondervu for the morning and then off to the meadow in the afternoon!

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