All of the Junior campers got on the bus this morning and headed up to Wondervu for a fun day up at camp! We got off the bus and sang songs and played “Evolution” with the rest of the older campers. We put on our sunscreen and decided it was time for lunch. We all ate our lunches in preparation of our hike down to the lake! We all put on our hats and headed down to the lake to check out the water and see some fish! We walked back up to base camp and got a chance to play in the new constructed tee-pee. We even played a round of “Limbo” in the tee-pee, which was really fun.

We hopped back on the bus and headed back down to Boulder while playing “our favorite game, Sleeping Bunnies.” We went inside for a snack and then read a story about the seasons. Then we reflected on the day and talked about some rules before heading to NCAR tomorrow. We ended our day with our “Meatball” song! We cannot wait until tomorrow for a chance to check out the science experiments at NCAR!

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