The campers all had a great Thursday back at camp! We got there in record time, sang our songs and played a game of “Ship, Island.” There were a lot of new commands and we were all laughing by the end of the game! After sunblock and filling our water bottles, the groups began heading to archery. While one group was down at the range, the others played a game of 52 card-pick-up and Owl. After lunch, we continued sending groups to archery. All the campers did an AMAZING job! During one of the group’s turns we explored the ‘Grand Canyon’ and found baby salamanders and even an adult salamander! It was super exciting! In the afternoon the groups de-briefed and built forts before snack. We played a short game of “Honey, I Love You” before cleaning up and getting on the bus. Tomorrow is the last day of camp and we are excited for skits!

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