Everyone was up and moving this morning, with a busy schedule following our banana pancake breakfast. Two-week campers were off to a morning filled with some challenging team building activities, with games such as group jump-rope, flipping over a tarp while still standing on it, building a giant structure together, crossing a “stream” with only a few “rocks,” and untangling a huge web! Every cabin showed some great team working skills, and solved whichever problem came their way. The one-week campers had an exciting morning of archery, climbing, and games!

After a yummy lunch and relaxing rest hour, two-week campers got to hear all about their first week of programs and pick which they wanted to sign up for. Our new programs, Culinary and Fly Fishing, were a huge hit! Two-week campers created their whole first week schedule, and one-week campers enjoyed some team building activities with their counselors.

Our first day of Organized Free time, a period of the day when campers choose which free time activity they’d like to do, was a lot of fun. Fort building, basketball, playing music, and volleyball were a few of the choices that campers and counselors participated in.

After dinner, our camp evening program was underway. “Dutch Auction” made for some amazing skits from our campers. With a bag of random items from their cabins, each group came up with a skit to impress the judges. “World’s Greatest Q-Tip,” and “World’s Newest Olympic Sport” were among the skits the campers performed- and they were hilarious!

We look forward to our first day of regular activities tomorrow- and another busy day here at camp!