For 2-week campers, Tuesday was the first day of activities! The 8 Backpackers learned about their trip and started planning and packing for later in the week. In theater, (or as Josh would like us to call it “Theatre”) a huge group of campers played improv games and skits at the amphitheater (amphitheatre?) The sailers we quickly out on the lake soaking up the wind.

In second period, the new craft shop tent was open and both small and large projects were begun. Michael and Lexi led the climbers on belay and the fishing crew was down on the new dock trying to catch “the big one”.

1-Week campers got their time in the craft shop and went horseback riding! In the afternoon, they all got out on the lake in canoes and then had their own theater time!

Snack was gorp, of course, and the day finished off strong with Carnival! In the Big Hall, we had games and face painting, music, and fun. Just outside, campers tried their hand at throwing sponges at Tom (who was hiding behind a board with a small hole for his face.) Campers were sad to see us shut it down at the end of the night, but it was time for bed!