Here we go, Session 2! It was so nice to have all of you at camp today to help welcome your campers. After goodbyes and see-you-soons, campers met everyone in their cabins, picked their bunks, and were off to the Big Hall for Orientation. Everyone enjoyed meeting Jen, Tom, and Jenna, all of the counselors introducing themselves, and going over our six rules of camp. Tom talked about how camp is a safe space for all, and what it means to keep the bad things from out in the the world away from camp while we’re here.

Then it was to the field for an all camp game of Evolution- a huge game of rock-paper-scissors that lets you evolve from an egg to a chicken, martian, and even Ruler of the Universe when you win or lose a round!  We circled up, and Jen led the camp challenge of introducing yourself to everyone at camp in only 1 minute! After a few tries, we managed it! It’s a tough task with almost 90 campers and 25 counselors!

Unpacking, making beds, and some games to help everyone get to know their cabin-mates were next, and before long it was time for our first meal together at camp. Delicious pasta and sauce, garlic bread, salad, and veggies were on the menu, and even brownies for dessert!

Opening Campfire at the Amphitheater helped everyone get to know the counselors with some hilarious skits and performances! Tom led songs such as “Sloopy” and “Lean on Me,” we talked about how this week at camp will be looking, and enjoyed being altogether around the fire on such a beautiful night. We can’t wait for team building and signing up for activities tomorrow!