Our first full day of camp was a success, and a very busy one! After breakfast, two-week campers were off to team building games, and did an incredible job working together to conquer their challenges. Group skis, building a structure from huge connectible pieces, balancing a magic stick, getting across a “river” with only 10 stones, and many more games were not easy- but every cabin strategized with their group to work it out.

This morning, one-weekers enjoyed rock climbing with Michael and Lexi, archery with Daniel, and paddling on the lake with Ellen! This afternoon, they enjoyed playing team building games too, as two-week campers signed up for their activities for the coming week! All of our awesome, usual activities were offered, such as climbing, arts & crafts, sailing, fishing, and more- but this session, we are excited to offer some new activities that campers were very excited to sign up for! Ukulele, canoeing, kayaking, dancing, and culinary are all new to this summer, and we can’t wait for them to start tomorrow!

After lunch, rest hour, and sign-ups, it was time for Organized Free- a time of day when campers can choose a game or activity to do around camp in a more unstructured environment than activity periods. Wiffle ball in the field, basketball, card games, lanyard making, shower time, reading & meditation, and ping pong were offered this afternoon as some free time before dinner.

After a delicious burger night, campers really enjoyed tonight’s Evening Program- Dutch Auction! Every cabin brought a pillowcase filled with silly things from their cabin, and performed in two commercials to impress the judges. The categories were “The World’s Newest Art Form,” and “A New Program we Should Offer at Camp.” Cabins made some hilarious skits, and incorporated every person in there cabin as well as all of the silly things they brought for props.

We can’t wait for activities to start tomorrow!