See you soon, backpackers! Our group of backpackers left this morning for Fern Lake, a 3-day, 2-night adventure with Susie and Jake. We know they’ll have a blast! You can see our photos from last week’s backpacking trip on the photo page.

Our second day of activities for this half of the week were underway this morning, and since the rain held off until lunch time, every activity enjoyed some time in the sun. Hiking enjoyed a walk to Thunder Ridge, archery got to use their brand new storage shed and new bows, nature & ecology went on the lookout for a Golden Eagle’s nest, canoeing and kayaking played “piano” and tried to walk across everyone’s boats, and climbing tried some new routes on the crag!

One-weekers went on a trail ride with horse backing riding, enjoyed theatre class with Josh, and made some rock pets with Keely in arts & crafts! They’re looking forward to their pool day tomorrow.

For evening program tonight, campers and counselors raced against other cabins in a Starburst Relay. Each cabin was assigned a Starburst color, and cabin members took turns running to the line of cones to see if they could find one with their color Starburst underneath. Every team did a great job working together to find all 8 of their Starbursts!