We started our second half of the week activities today, and 2-week campers enjoyed all of their new experiences. With so many activity choices this session, it was tough to make sure everyone got to do what they wanted to- but we think this week’s schedule made for a great last few full days of camp. All of our activities were in full swing this morning, and 2-week campers enjoy their last day of activities tomorrow. Wow, camp goes fast!!

Our 1-weekers enjoyed an awesome trip to the Gilpin County Community Pool today, a beautiful indoor pool with water slides, diving boards, a wading area, and even huge buckets that fill up and dump out! They had a blast with Jenna and their other counselors, and ate a yummy picnic lunch before returning to camp for rest hour.

Evening program tonight was our Wednesday night Embers. For tonight’s Embers Program, campers and counselors used a ball of yarn to pass around the circle, and talk about how everyone’s responsibilities at camp are connected in a web. Campers also discussed how these responsibilities are similar to those we have at our home and school communities, how every person contributes equally, what it looks like when one person doesn’t contribute to the web’s structure, and how we can show that we are responsible friends here at camp. Cabins did a great job and certainly had some impressive conversation! 1-weekers enjoyed making s’mores after their cabin web activity.

We look forward to welcoming back the backpackers tomorrow afternoon!