Our first full day of the session at Camp Granite Lake was a busy one! 2-weekers were awesome at including everyone in their full morning of team-building games and challenges, getting to rotate through ten groups of counselors and the puzzles they had to offer!

This morning our 1-week campers got to go rock climbing with Michael and Lexi, and shoot at the archery range with Daniel and Olivia! They climbed two of the crag’s routes, and even got some bullseyes at the archery range!

Campers got used to our camp schedule today, and after team building, were off to lunch followed by rest hour- when we have time in our cabins for some relaxing, napping, writing letters, reading books, and personal time.

During our third period space, in the afternoon, our 1-week campers got to try out team-building games with some of their counselors, while the 2-week campers signed up for their activities for the week! They were really excited to hear about all of the new activities Camp Granite Lake is offering this summer- including culinary, fly fishing, ukulele, swing dancing, and separate canoeing and kayaking activities! We have a full group headed out to backpack with Jake & Susie later in the week, too! We’re also offering all of our other programs this week such as theatre, nature and ecology, climbing, arts and crafts, sailing, and more!

For Evening program tonight, cabins gathered in the Big Hall to play a few rounds of Dutch Auction- a performance of skits by every cabin! Our two challenges tonight were to create commercials for “A New Olympic Sport,” and “A New Form of Transportation.” Campers and counselors did such a hilarious job creating some crazy new sports and means of travel!! (Thanks to our “judges,” Daniel the robot, Olivia the Flower Child, and Zac the gorilla!)