We are so excited for this session at Camp Granite Lake- with so many returners and new campers alike, it’s a great mix of campers with a lot of AO experience and campers that are getting to know us. Yesterday afternoon, campers met at the Big Hall to do just that- get to know what we’re all about! Counselors and directors were introduced, our six camp rules were reviewed, and Tom talked about the importance of inclusion and making sure that camp is a safe space for everyone.

After Orientation, it was off to the field for an all-camp get to know you game. Campers and counselors played “The Sun Shines On,” and learned what  they had in common with everyone else at camp. Then, we broke into smaller groups to see if we could find 3 things in common with everyone in the group. Campers did a great job of thinking outside the box and finding many ways to relate to each other!

After games, campers went back to their cabins to unpack and get settled before dinner. We had a delicious spaghetti dinner tonight, with garlic bread, meat sauce, salad, and corn on the cob! Thanks kitchen staff!

Tonight for Evening Program, our all-camp time together after dinner, was Opening Campfire. Counselors performed some hilarious skits and performances, Tom led us in some songs such as “Sloopy,” and “The Mighty Quinn,” we learned more about camp, and closed with “Lean On Me.” We can’t wait to start our first full day tomorrow.