Have fun, backpackers! This morning our group of backpackers headed off with Jake & Susie to Rocky Mountain National Park to stay overnight, hike, learn about the outdoors, cook outside, pitch a tent, and more!

This morning, 2-week campers started their new 2nd half of the week activities! Culinary made their own breakfast, hiking got an amazing view of camp from their hike, sailing spent time on the lake, fishing caught some more rainbow trout, and theatre practiced skits and games.

For Evening Program tonight, campers enjoyed some free choice time! We had Bonus Organized Free time tonight, with some extra choices that are not usually offered during Organized Free period. Wally the Climbing Wall was up, Cassidy led some night fishing, and Town Hall had a campfire where Jordan and Ellen led friendship bracelet making and hair wraps. The field was open for games, Daniel led the archery range for some extra shooting, and campers did some quiet reading down by the waterfront. It was a great end of the day period for campers to try things they haven’t yet had a chance to at camp!