Can you believe it’s already Friday? After an awesome last full day of activities for the week, campers enjoyed snack and Organized Free before preparing for our Formal Friday dinner! The kitchen prepared us an amazing meal- turkey, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, bread, quinoa, veggies, and even root beer floats for dessert! Thanks kitchen staff!

Friday night meals here at camp allow for us to catch up on the week, spend some time with our one-week friends that are leaving in the morning, and have a more formal meal with table clothes, clean clothes, and good conversation. It’s a perfect way to end the week.

After our delicious dinner, we were off to our Friday Evening campfire at the Amphitheater. Campfire is a time for us to recap an awesome week at Granite Lake, and say goodbye to our one-week campers. Campers and counselors read quotes and told stories around tonight’s theme- Appreciating Nature. This evening was also our first Keylog Ceremony of the session, a time to appreciate individuals that have helped us through a time at camp that may have challenged us, and moved our personal “log jams” along with a helping hand. The Keylog Ceremony dates back to lumberjacks having some closure after a tough day’s work along the lakes and rivers, recognizing team members that helped them find the log that was keeping the lumber from flowing successfully down stream. Campers and counselors recapped moments from the week when friends helped them personally, made them laugh, or were appreciated for their hard work. We closed with “Lean On Me,” and headed back to our cabins to get ready for bed.

We can’t wait for weekend activities!