Welcome to our new one-week campers! We’re so happy you’re here, and can’t wait to get to know you this week!

On Saturday, our two-week campers enjoyed the whole morning at the Gilpin County Rec. Center Indoor Pool, and even had a picnic lunch before returning to camp. After rest hour, campers got to sign-up for their activities for the coming week! After Organized Free and a delicious dinner, two-week campers and counselors watched How to Train Your Dragon for Saturday movie night!

Sunday morning is a special morning here at camp- two-weekers got to sleep in, and wear their pajamas to breakfast! We prepared to welcome our new one-week friends, decorating signs, making beds, and cleaning throughout camp. Campers also got to sign-up for special weekend activities- tie-dye, Medieval Arts, yoga, circus, knitting, engineering, Dungeons & Dragons, survival skills and paddling were the options, and campers loved mixing up their schedule and trying new things!

After arriving, our new one-week campers got to meet their director Jenna, their counselors, and all of the other new campers. Jenna led us in a camp orientation in the Lodge, and explained how the week would look, what it’s like to live in a cabin, what our 6 camp rules are, and played a game to get to know everyone’s names! Everyone is excited for the week ahead and all of the awesome activities we get to do.

The kitchen prepared us a particularly delicious dinner tonight, of spaghetti and sauce, garlic bread, salad, corn on the cob, and even brownies for dessert! The one-weekers were excited to get a taste of how yummy camp food can be. After dinner, we had a welcoming campfire, sang songs with Tom, laughed at some hilarious skits by counselors, two-week campers made s’mores, and one-week campers enjoyed an evening hike and tour of camp. We’re looking forward to starting new activities tomorrow!