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First Day of the Session!

We had an awesome first day at camp today! We started the day driving up Coal Creek Canyon to Camp Wondervu! All the campers circled up for songs– “Tarzan” and “Baby Bumblebee” and then we played a game of Ship-Island! After the groups met with their counselors for a good ole’ sunblock party, we went […]

Eldorado Canyon Friday!

We had a great end to the week at camp! We started the day at Wondervu singing morning songs and playing a game of Evolution! After the cabin groups did their planned activities– lanyards, pet rocks, and a giant game of pictionary-charades ( they draw and act the word on a card!). Other groups explored […]

Eldorado Canyon: Thursday!

While the day started cold, the weather turned around and we had a wonderful time at camp! We started the day with “Great Big Moose,” “The Fishing Song” and “Baby Bumblebee.” After we played a game of “Giants, Wizards and Elves.” The cabin groups then separated and did their activities. Two groups hiked around the […]

Fun Thursday in the Canyon!

We had a fun day in the Canyon–we were truly altogether outdoors, because our Denver camp came up to the canyon for the day as well! We began our day with some great songs, including the Beaver Song and Around the World. We then played a great game of Giants, Wizards, and Elves to get […]