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A Wonderful Day at the Meadow

Today our campers enjoyed a fun-filled day out at the meadow. This morning while the Rainbow Unicorn Narwhales and the Adventurous Sasquatch Vampires went on a little nature expedition, the Two-Headed Shape-Shifting Monkey Dragons and the Plutonium Technology Golden Eagles made their own unique kites and then had great time flying them. After lunch all […]

Wacky Weather Meadow Day!

We had a fun, kite-and-weather-filled day at the Meadow! We began our day with some fun songs, including The Princess Pat and Joe, who Works in a Button Factory. Then, we played a fun all-camp game of The Sun Shines On, before filling our water bottles and putting on sunscreen in preparation for our day. […]

Meadow Day!

Today we had a great time at the meadow! Our longer  bus ride this morning gave us time to learn new songs–the Titanic song, Dog Cat Mouse FROGGY, and many others. We spent our day making and flying kites, playing games, and going on hikes. The George McOutdoor Griffins played a game called “Lava” and […]

Friday at the Meadow!

We had an absolutely rockin’ day at the Crescent Meadow, which is the highest part of Eldorado Canyon State Park. We hopped off the bus, sunscreened, and sang “One Hen, Two Ducks,” to get woken up and ready to go. We then played a quick game of Categories–it was fun to see what favorites we […]