We had an absolutely rockin’ day at the Crescent Meadow, which is the highest part of Eldorado Canyon State Park. We hopped off the bus, sunscreened, and sang “One Hen, Two Ducks,” to get woken up and ready to go. We then played a quick game of Categories–it was fun to see what favorites we have in common with our friends at camp!

After filling up our water bottles, we hit the trail–we trekked all the way down to the river! As we learned, the river at the Meadow is actually the same river that we see every day in Eldorado Canyon–it’s South Boulder Creek. The campers really enjoyed the trek down–we all smelled a Ponderosa tree, and learned about expedition behavior on the trail and about how erosion can change the landscape.

At the river, we ate lunch and relaxed, then re-filled our water bottles and took some time to make spongebugs! These little critters literally float on water–ask to see your camper’s! Then, we packed up and headed back up to the Meadow. The trek back up took a long time, but we had a good time–we played water drinking games to stay hydrated, and also talked about the burn zones and how to recognize (by the color of the rocks!) where fires had been.

Back at the Meadow, we relaxed in our crazy creeks and worked on our lanyards–everyone was glad to rest after our big trek! At the end of the afternoon, it started to rain, so we hopped on the bus to finish out our day. We ended with a delicious afternoon snack of carrots, and also did a weather report about our day. Each camper described how they felt about the day in terms of the weather; we had lots of sunshine and rainbows!

We ended the day with some afternoon songs, including “3 Little Angels,” “Do Your Ears Hang Low,” and, with gusto, “On Top of Spaghetti!” Next week, we’re back in the canyon–we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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