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Environmental Education at Wondervu

Today the Eldorado Canyon program went up to Camp Wondervu for a wonderful day in the mountains. We started the day by singing “Baby Bumblebee,” “Brown Squirrel,” “Boom Chicka Boom” and the Humpty Dumpty Rap. We then played an amazing all camp game of Predator-Prey. Campers got to learn about the natural relationships between different […]

Eldorado Canyon: Session 4, Day 1

We had a great first day at camp! We started our day with three classic camp songs that boosted our energy levels – “Tarzan”, “Little Red Wagon” and “Brown Squirrel.” Then we played an all camp game of “Ship Island.” The cabin groups split up with their counselors to play name games and get to know […]

Another Day of Summer Fun in Eldo

The second day of Session 3 for Eldorado Canyon was a joy for all. We started the morning singing “Little Red Wagon”, “Get Loose” and “Happy Birthday” to two of our campers. We then got to know each other with a fantastic game of categories. All of our teams went on an adventure to the […]

Summer Fun in Eldorado Canyon

All of our wonderful campers braved the heat and made today a great day at camp. Between applications of sunscreen and staying hydrated the campers participated in many fun activities. They all did a great job rock climbing today. Some of them were even brave enough to climb up blindfolded. Many of our campers also […]