We had a great first day at camp! We started our day with three classic camp songs that boosted our energy levels – “Tarzan”, “Little Red Wagon” and “Brown Squirrel.” Then we played an all camp game of “Ship Island.” The cabin groups split up with their counselors to play name games and get to know their fellow group members. The campers also came up with their cabin group names. The three groups are now know as “The Fast and Strong Tiger Cheetahs,” “Tiny Ninja Turtles from Pluto” and “The Purple Octopuses that Eat Chocolate Cheetahs.” Then we decorated our awesome camp water-bottles and shared them with our cabin group. In the afternoon we played some games in our cabin groups. The weather brought some excitement and we left Eldorado Canyon due to a flood warning. We headed down the road to Marshall Mesa where we ate our Gorp for snack and played “Poison Frog.” We managed to stay dry and warm throughout the day and we are looking forward to day two of camp!

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