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Thursday at Camp!

Today all the campers went fishing! We started the day with some songs and then got ready for our busy day. While each group fished the other groups did their scheduled activities- making sundials, pet rocks, toobeez, and of course, a lot of group games. Although we did not catch any fish, we had a […]

Eldorado Canyon Friday!

We had a great end to the week at camp! We started the day at Wondervu singing morning songs and playing a game of Evolution! After the cabin groups did their planned activities– lanyards, pet rocks, and a giant game of pictionary-charades ( they draw and act the word on a card!). Other groups explored […]

Fun Friday at the Meadow!

We had an awesome Friday at Crescent Meadow–we began our day with some songs, including Little Red Wagon and One Hen, Two Ducks. It was great fun! Then, we put on lots of sunscreen and started our day; campers created kites and flew them, made pet rocks, and enjoyed the windy, cooler meadow. After lunch, […]

Don’t Stop Believin’!

Today, we headed to Barr Lake for a fun-filled day! We began our day with some fun bus songs, including Titanic and Rattlin’ Bog. When we got to Barr Lake, we  split into our groups and sunscreened up before starting our day. Groups hiked, caught some bugs, ran around in the fields, created and flew […]