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Pool Day at Eldo!

We had an awesome day at the pool today! We began our day at Dowdy Draw; we sang songs and played games until the pool opened, including Boom-chicka-Boom and the Hippopotamus Song. Then, we hopped on the bus and headed to the pool! We got all sunscreened, and jumped in! We enjoyed the slide and the […]

Pool Day in Eldo!

We had an awesome pool day today! We began our day with some fun songs, including Baby Bumblebee and The Beaver Song. Then, we played a great game of Categories–campers grouped themselves by their favorites. We did favorite movie, favorite summer activity, favorite breakfast food, and more! After our songs and game, we headed to […]

Tuesday-Climbing for all!

Today was an exciting day–directly after our delectable breakfast, the entire camp headed out to go rock climbing! We stopped at the RMOC to get fitted for helmets and harnesses, and then headed out to our climbing site. Although the drive to the site was a bit long, the campers agreed that it was worth […]