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Friday Junior Camp!

Today was our final day of camp!  We started the day singing songs and then headed right over to the rock wall to climb.  All campers got a chance to climb a few times before heading in for an early lunch. After eating half of our lunch we walked over the Spruce Pool and got […]

Wild Watery Wednesday!

We had a great, wet day today! We began our day at Base Camp, where we sang and played with the junior campers. Then, we split up into our groups to play awesome water games–we played water balloon toss, ran through the sprinkler, played drip drip drench (like duck duck goose, but with sponges!) and […]

Super Duper Pool Thursday!

Oh man, was today huge for the Juniors! We began our day with the songs “Baby Shark” and “Beaver Crawl”, and then our Junior Leader Lily lead a great couple of rounds of blob tag! Our blob worked very well together and managed to catch everyone! We had a big sunscreen party and made sure […]