Oh man, was today huge for the Juniors! We began our day with the songs “Baby Shark” and “Beaver Crawl”, and then our Junior Leader Lily lead a great couple of rounds of blob tag! Our blob worked very well together and managed to catch everyone! We had a big sunscreen party and made sure our other friends at camp all had enough sunscreen on too! Next we made some handprint butterflies with tempra paints, and we learned what new colors we make when you mix certain ones together. We also made a sign for Tommy that says “We Love Altogether Outdoors”, and it was decorated with beautiful handprints and incredibly creative splatters. Afterwards it was time for free play and lunch. We had lunch in the shade of the tree and talked about what food we would order if we had a machine that made food for us in the sky. Soon after we headed over to Spruce Pool, where we spent most of the time racing each other around the pool. It felt great on such a hot day. We dried off and headed back to base camp and WALLY!!!! Our day finished off with some amazing climbing on Wally as well as mixing and eating our gorp, Tastey. We were all a little tuckered out by the end, but we are looking forward to our fantastic Friday!

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