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Boulder Juniors go to Spruce Pool!

The three groups of Junior campers stayed at Whittier today in preparation of pool day! We started our day with some swimming songs and then played “Wax Museum” and “Fire in the…” We got some free play time to draw with chalk and build with popsicle sticks before eating our lunch. After lunch we listened […]

Boulder Juniors do archery!

All three cabin groups of Juniors hopped on the bus this morning (The Turquoise Hearts, the Rockstar Chickens Who Eat Corn on the Cob, and the Nacho Macho Men) and headed up to Wondervu. We applied sunscreen and quickly walked to the archery range. Counselor Amanda instructed us on the proper way to shoot the […]

Boulder Juniors go climbing!

All three cabin groups of Junior campers hopped on the bus this morning up to Wondervu. We sang songs and played a game of “Ship Island” before putting on our sunscreen. We then headed over to “Wally” our 26 foot rock climbing wall and put on our harnesses and helmets! Check out the pictures on […]