The three groups of Junior campers stayed at Whittier today in preparation of pool day! We started our day with some swimming songs and then played “Wax Museum” and “Fire in the…” We got some free play time to draw with chalk and build with popsicle sticks before eating our lunch. After lunch we listened to some rules about the pool, which all campers did a great job following today! Then it was time to load on our sunscreen and head to the pool!

We arrived at the pool and new campers got a chance to “show us what you know” in the swim screen, so that the counselors knew who could swim on their own. Some of us played in the pool, warmed up on the deck, and some were on the slide and the water features. The clouds started rolling in just when we were getting out of the pool, which was perfect timing.

We went back to Whittier for a snack and got a chance to finish our Pet Rocks. We read a story about rocks and then circled up to reflect on the day and also the week. We hope everyone had a great time at camp and we will see you next week or next summer!

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