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Eldorado Canyon Monday!

We reunited after the weekend to head up to Wondervu! It was a warm one today and energy was a bit low on the bus but as soon as we started singing songs and playing Evolution we were ready for the day! All the campers went on a group hike around the property. We ate […]

Thursday at Camp!

Today all the campers went fishing! We started the day with some songs and then got ready for our busy day. While each group fished the other groups did their scheduled activities- making sundials, pet rocks, toobeez, and of course, a lot of group games. Although we did not catch any fish, we had a […]

Tuesday at Wondervu

We had a great second day at camp! We started the day with a few songs and a game of “High-Five” buddy! The campers split into their cabin groups and started their day. Two groups went for a hike while the others did teambuilding and spongebugs. Everyone broke for lunch and after lunch did one […]

First Day of the Session!

We had an awesome first day at camp today! We started the day driving up Coal Creek Canyon to Camp Wondervu! All the campers circled up for songs– “Tarzan” and “Baby Bumblebee” and then we played a game of Ship-Island! After the groups met with their counselors for a good ole’ sunblock party, we went […]