Thanksgiving is coming up and during this time of year, its always nice to reflect on the things we are grateful for in our lives. Teaching children to be thankful is a skill that will be valuable to them their entire lives. Here are some fun ways to get kids to think about what they are grateful for and develop family traditions together:

1. Nightly Thanks: Before bed, go through a list of 3 to 5 things you are each thankful for.

2. On An Island: If you had to go to an island, what would you want to take with you? Who would you want to be with you and why? These are things that you want to cherish and be grateful for.

3. Dinner Thanks: During dinner, discuss how the food got to the table. Be sure to include people that grow, transport, and sell the food for us!

4. Thank You Cards: Making homemade thank you cards is a fun way to share your thanks with others.

5. Car Thanks: While in a car, make a list of things/people you are thankful for as a family.

6. Big Meal Thanks: At meals with lots of family, have each person thank someone in the family for something nice they have done, or have each person share something they are grateful for in their lives.

These quick activities can be used throughout the entire year to help cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

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