Wednesday’s adventure had the Dr. Awesomes going to Eldorado Canyon State Park. During our drive we told jokes, riddles and played cards. We also sang “The Donut Song.” The Campers were amazed at the rock climbers, hikers, caves, and surging creek we saw as we drove to our spot. After campers chose the order of the activities they had planned for the day they mixed the GORP they had ordered the day before. To do so they had to deliver the bucket of GORP to a designated spot with out using their hands. Campers came up with some pretty creative movements! We then did an activity called “Comfort Circles” where campers indicate their comfort level for topics from putting on a harness to meeting a brand new climbing guide. This activity got us mentally prepared for our next activity – rock climbing!

We broke up into 2 groups and while one group tested their skills on the rocks another got the opportunity to fish. All of the Dr. Awesomes did a great job climbing, even if they were scared to at first. Many of the campers think the fish in South Boulder Creek kept stealing the bait rather than biting onto it. Either way we had fun trying. Our day flew by so fast the only thing left to do was eat the delicious GORP we had mixed that morning and pack the van. Before arriving for pick up campers discusses their favorite activities of the day and we sang “On Top of Spaghetti.” Looking forward to pool day!

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