A Perfect Day for the Pool

Today’s hot, sunny weather was perfect for Pool Day. We began our day at a park in Stapleton where we sang “Swimming, Swimming” and “Baby Shark.” The morning’s teambuilding activity prepared the group for the bouldering they were going to do later in the morning. With a partner campers practiced their communication and spotting techniques with trust leans. After mastering those the whole group worked on trust as one camper ‘fell’ from person to person in a circle. Campers got great practice with the correct stance for spotting and the correct language to use to communicate thoroughly. We then split into 2 groups- half of the campers bouldered around the park’s giant boulders and climbing wall, and the other half worked on the Tumble Bugs we had started from the day before. After a while the groups switched. Each camper enjoyed exercising their muscles during bouldering and racing their Tumble Bugs down any incline surface they could find. Before we headed for the pool we ate lunch in the shade under a neat bridge and watched runners and bikers on the trail.

We made sure to apply sunscreen again once we were at the pool and in our suits. The campers were given a swim screen to make sure no one wandered into the deep end who wasn’t ready for it. We spent a fun 2 hours playing games and racing in the pool. We made sure to play lots of water games during and after swimming to stay hydrated.

The afternoon was spent at Stapleton’s Central Park (the East side) where campers ordered GORP for tomorrow and built yarn starts and lanyards. When asked to rate their day with a number (zero=worst day ever and 5=best day ever) every camper had a 4 or higher, and a few had 10s!

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