We had a special treat for the second week of Session 2 – a new camper! Returning campers included her into the group with out even being prompted (we’ve got really great kids). On this second Monday we returned to Cherry Creek State Park. After applying sunscreen and singing “La Touche” we played “Giants, Wizards, and Elves.” In this game campers had to collaborate to decide on a character and then battled with the other team. After this campers began counselors- returning campers were asked to review important AO rules with our new camper. They did such a nice job explaining how our rules keep us safe. Returners also helped the new camper become familiar with our group Code, and for the rest of the week we will be watching for campers who are following the Code. After securing our table and gear we all piled into the van for a short drive onto a trail we hadn’t yet explored. The trail sent us through a forest of Cottonwood Trees so thick with seed pods it looked like it was snowing in June! On our trek campers worked on a photography scavenger hunt where they had to find objects listed on index cards. We found interested insects and colorful plants, animals we don’t usually see and part of the food chain (a beetle was lunch to a group of ants). We ate lunch near a nice stream and discussed our favorite foods.

Campers chose to have play time after lunch and spent a while playing near the stream and nearby Cottonwoods. After that we decided to keep exploring the trail, and at the trail’s end we had a great photo opportunity, posing as famous photographers. As we walked back to the van campers discusses what items they would bring on a picnic, using each letter of the alphabet as we went. Our craft of the day was Fridge Magnets. Each camper recieved a piece of magnet and was able to decorate it however they chose. The rest of our time at Cherry Creek was spent eating snack, planning for tomorrow, and a playing a bit more. On the way home campers “paired and shared” their rose and thorn for the day and we sang “Peace like a River” and taught our new camper “On Top of Spaghetti.”

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