For Denver Junior’s third official camp day, we had great opportunities for growth, and of course, fun! After singing two of our favorite camp songs Little Red Wagon and The Princess Pat,  the Juniors (The Coyote Spine Hiker’s) climbed on the portable climbing wall. Some of the campers were a little apprehensive while looking at the massive wall, but ended up mustering the courage to climb. In doing this, the kids learned how to wear the proper climbing gear, and how to say the commands.  After this, we all made insect shelters in the field, then ate an early lunch to prepare for all the fun the pool was about to offer. When we got to the Stapleton F-15 pool everyone listened very well to directions, and smiles were had by all as goggles went on and splashes ensued.

After the pool we went back to the school where our day winded down with some quiet games, stories, and songs. The kids had a great day developing into a cohesive group, listening and fully taking part in all the days activities. Looking forward to tomorrow!

During aftercamp we used bug catchers and played with frisbees on the grass at first. Most of the campers were pretty tired, so some of them chose to rest their heads on their bags (one camper thought a soft frisbee would be a good pillow!) Although no one fell asleep, we know they all must have fallen asleep pretty quickly at home!

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