Today was a topsy-turvy day for the Juniors. We stayed at Base Camp in the morning and then went to the trials, rather than the other way around! After singing everybody’s favorite. Boom-Chick-A-Boom, we played What Time is It Mr.(or Ms.) Brontosaurus? We created and tracked our own dinosaurs on the basketball court. Then the bus came to take us to Doudy Draw trail. There, we saw a burbling, rushing creek, a 160-year-old building, a snake, and some clouds in all kinds of shapes. Although we put on lots of sunscreen and drank tons of water, it was still hot out there. Our Junior Leader helped cool us down with spray bottles full of water. When we got back to Base Camp, we only had time for a story, sharing how we felt about the day, and a few songs. Some campers even led the group in singing!

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