Today the Juniors rode the bus all the way to Eldorado Canyon, where we spent the first part of the morning singing songs and playing rock-paper-scissors Evolution with everyone. Later, the Junior Leaders taught us Wax Museum and we played Sunshine/Clouds, a weather themed version of Ship/Island. Afterwards we stayed hydrated by playing some water drinking games and made Weather Circles, which the campers can use to predict the weather or show what weather they experienced today. We hiked up to the Ranger’s Station where we had lunch and saw two hummingbirds! On the walk back we looked for five things that need the sun to grow. Everyone showed off their observation skills during this activity! After an awesome bus ride back to Base Camp with Ed, we read a book and played some tag outside in the sunshine. We ended the day with snack and a round of On Top of Spaghetti! Let’s hear it for another great day at camp!

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