The Denver Juniors had another great day of hiking and discovery. We started our day with a sun screen party and songs. Once we got to the trail we were stopping frequently to look at the prairie dogs who live all along the path. The kids got to witness first hand how prairie dogs warn each other when humans are coming, which is by Cherping. The kids had a great time seeking out the prairie dog holes, and inspecting the void for any occupants who may be home.
The groups had a nice shaded lunch under the bridge where we talked about the birds who nested underneath, and enjoyed watching them fly in and out of their homes. After lunch the kids found some cool clay sculptures that we played around in, and eventually ended up hiking to central park. There the kids enjoyed some team building games and some free time running in the soccer fields.
The bus picked us up right on time and we went to Fletcher Elementary for some quiet stories, a snack and making butterfly’s with pipe cleaners. It was then time for our closing games and songs. The kids were focused today working as a team and helping each other out with activities and organization. Pool Day tomorrow!!

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