Rainy Thursday

Our group, the Great Awesome Party Campers, did not let the cold drizzle dampen their camp spirits! We started the morning with a game of Screaming Train and a chorus of Mr. Sun, but unfortunately our song did not do much to change the weather. Keeping up with our theme of Wild about Weather we made rain paintings and drew the weather that we saw outside, contrasted by our favorite types of weather. After lunch and a few games of Red Light Green Light, we found out some new information about each other by playing the Spectrum game, and we learned that everybody really really likes pizza! Before snack we played a round of Sunshine/Clouds and sat in the Lycra tube for snack, which turned into a magic portal that took us to outer space! As always, we closed with a very enthusiastic chorus of “On Top of Spaghetti”. We’re all hoping for some more sunshine tomorrow!

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