Today, the Boulder Juniors started at our base camp, where we sang “Get Loose,” jumped on the name-game train, and played What Time is It Mr. Fox? After we learned about the rules for camp, we go to decorate our own personal waterbottles, who will sleep here until the end of camp (see you tomorrow, new friend!). We then hopped on the bus to South Mesa trail where we hoped to find this week’s theme: wild flowers. During our lunch, we were showered with beautiful cottonwood seeds. We sang “Peanut Butter Reese’s Cup, sing with us, we’ll cheer you up!” and took off on a trek through the mesa. The trail was punctuated with flowers, like wild geranium, white asters, and others. When we got back to base camp, we heard a story, played a bit more, and had just enough time to debrief, eat snack, and sing one last round of “On Top of Spaghetti.”

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