We started our day out today at AO camps with some of our favorite songs and games including the “Beaver” song, the “Fishing song”, and the game “Giants, wizards and elves.”

The “Fishing song” prepared us for our big adventure for the day which was fishing in the pond at The Rocky Mountain Arsenal! Today at the Arsenal we caught a couple perch and a huge large mouth bass which was was probably 12 to 14 inches long(don’t worry we got many pictures!).

After a long morning of fishing, playing games and singing songs, all campers were given the chance to find a comfortable spot in nature to really take in all the sounds and visions of the beautiful Arsenal around them. Proceeding that calming exercise, we played “Cabin group vs. Wild” and made neat insect masks. We did all of these activities in good time to finish the day out with singing songs such as “Puff, the magic dragon”, “Home on the range”, and our legendary “spaghetti and meatball” song.

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