Today was a double whammy for the juniors who enjoyed climbing and swimming. We began our day this morning at the Vanguard School with songs which quickly transitioned into climbing time. The kids were fearless scaling the wall without hesitation. We even had a couple Juniors reach the top.
Lunch came early to ensure the kids had full energy and filled belly’s for the pool. Once lunch ended we got on the bus and headed to the pool. The pool was great until the lifeguards made it clear that there was some unsanitary fluids in the pool, so we had to get out early.
On the way back to the bus we practiced our fire drill protocol. Due to some vehicle difficulties we had our quiet time on the bus reading books, singing songs and talking about dinosaurs. When the bus started back up we headed back to the green for our end of day songs.
The Juniors showed great patience and the ability to adapt to the day’s difficulties, and learned a good lesson about how sometimes things don’t always work out the way they are planned. Another great day planned for tomorrow!

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