We had a rainy, but fun, Monday in Eldorado Canyon! We began our day with some fun songs, including “The Hippo Song” and “My Bonnie.” We then played an awesome game of Down by the Banks before filling up our water bottles and heading over to the Ranger’s Station. At the station, we created some crazy sunglasses–creating headsets with pipe cleaners and puff balls was very popular! We then ate lunch and told each other some fun riddles. After lunch, we planned our Tuesday together–the campers worked on deciding as a group what activities they want to do tomorrow.

We then headed back to the Pad for some free play–we just had to get our squirrelly energy out! After play, we drank some more water, and then got to go through a gigantic maze as a team. Each camper had to go through the maze blindfolded, so the campers had to help each other get through the maze together. It was tough, but we managed to navigate the maze and save Surgery Cow! After completing the maze, we got a chance to make clay creations–ask to see your camper’s creation tonight!

We finished off the day with some delicious gorp for snack and some quieter afternoon songs, including “Baby Bumblebee” and, of course, “On Top of Spaghetti.” What an awesome day! We got a bit wet, but nothing major–we avoided the rain by about 5 seconds at the end of day! 🙂 Tomorrow, we’re heading on a major trek up to the old hotel–see you there!

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