We had a blast today–because it was our final day of the session, we made sure to do all of the fun activities that we could find time for! We began our day with some energetic songs, including “Princess Pat” and “You Can’t Ride In My Little Red Wagon.” Then we played a great game of matching–campers ran forward, hit body parts such as hands, elbows, and shoulders, and then ran back to their starting spot. After we warmed up with our games, we sunscreened, filled our water bottles, and headed down to the Cave!

The cave was amazing–we played, and spent a long time looking for Shocktie’s secret entrance, which is rumored to be in the back of the cave. We also had a chance to watch some climbers try to climb the Bastille. We ate lunch, then hiked back up to the Pad, where a counselor mysteriously went missing! The campers followed a series of clues all around the canyon, and managed to find the missing counselor–they did a great job following the riddle clues! After re-sunscreening and drinking some more water, we had free play with costumes, and also did some fun, informal skits. Then, we painted our faces (and occasionally legs, shoulders, and arms as well!) and enjoyed some lanyard time. We finished the day with a closing ceremony using P-cord–check out your camper’s new bracelet tonight! We had some delicious smorgas-gorp for snack, and ended the day with some quieter songs, including “Donut Shop” and that old standard, “On Top of Spaghetti.”

We had an awesome session 2, and hope to see many of the campers return later this summer!

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