Today was a really fun day for the Denver Juniors. We started our day as always with a sun screen party, songs and a game. The juniors broke away and played together on the green acting like super heroes and flying around saving each other which was great to watch as they cooperated wonderfully laughing and playing like a team.
The group had a nice long water break and headed to a field not far from the green to search for reptiles under rocks and plants. This led into a great discussion about camouflage and a game which followed. The game was designed around acting like a chameleon by blending into the same colored environment as the shirt color they were wearing. The counselors then searched the area for the campers who did a great job blending in.
We hiked back the the Stapleton green for our climbing time and then had a nice shaded lunch under the tents. After lunch we went to Fletcher elementary where we had some time on the playground and finished up with a quiet time story, snack, songs and a model clay activity. The activity was based around making their favorite reptile out of clay and letting it dry.
When we got back to the Stapleton Green the kids colored their creations with markers. We had a great reptile end of camp debrief where kids talked about their favorite and least favorite time at camp. The overall consensus was a awesome time was had by all! Thanks and we hope to see you back for next session!

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