The Denver Juniors had a great day getting to know one another and finding some cool animals along the way. We started our day at central park with a sunscreen party, songs and a fun game called blind eagle. Everyone sat in a circle around the blind eagle who was blind folded and everyone had a chance to quietly try to steal the blind eagles eggs which were colored cones that sat around the eagle. The game was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed being the blind eagle who had to protect their eggs from the predators. We had a nice lunch and started our hike on the trail. We found swallow nests, a water snake, toads and crawdads. The kids really enjoyed our hike walking with insect nets in hand. By the time we got back, the bus was waiting to pick us up and take us to Fletcher Elementary. We had a nice quiet time where we read some stories, played some music and had a tasty snack. During snack our group came up with their group codes and cabin group name. We finished with our end of day song and came back the the Green. Can’t wait for tomorrow. See you then!

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