Today we headed out to Eldorado Canyon on the bus with the rest of the campers and sang the “Moose Juice” song, as well as the “Hippo Song” and “Boom chicka Boom”. Next we played a handshake memory game, which everyone rocked at! Afterwards we made our water bottles and had a song filled sunscreen party. We then headed out towards the Ranger Station, where we learned a little bit about the history of Eldorado and saw a beautiful hummingbird. Next was lunch by the river, and we drank lots of water while we were eating. After lunch we made ladybug houses which included full beds and a jacuzzi! We took apart our house before we left to make sure we were leaving no trace, but we made sure to take pictures first! We did an I spy hike next where we saw 11 different ones! We also played an ABC hiking game and made clay dinosaurs. Back at Base Camp we read a book and talked about something new we learned today. Our day ended with “On top of Spaghetti” and some delicious granola bars. Tomorrow is pool day, so make sure to remember your swim suit!

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